**Sold or Otherwise Unavailable** Northern Idaho Hospice for Sale

**Sold or Otherwise Unavailable** Northern Idaho Hospice for Sale

 Northern Idaho Hospice for Sale

Medicare Certified
Medicaid Accepted

30 Census
State Certified
Fully Staffed
JCAHO Accredited

Asking Price: $849K
Reference Number: 6921145

Contact Jason – 586-623-5616

**Cash equivalent to purchase price set aside to invest from currently available funds required.

***Healthcare specific industry experience required.

Northern Idaho Hospice for Sale

Vallexa Advisors, Mergers & Acquisitions has over 10 years of experience in matching Home health, Home Care, and Hospice Sellers with Buyers perfect for continuing on the work the previous owner achieved! Sellers and Buyers can trust the Vallexa will always provide the utmost professional service while maintaining strict confidentiality with all clients!

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