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Hospice for Sale in Silver City New Mexico

New Mexico Hospice for Sale

Established in 2007

$560,000 Total Revenue for 2017

Medicare Certified

75% Medicare Payor

20% Medicaid Payor

5% Private Payor

State Accredited
10 Census

Currently covers 4 Counties: Grant, Catron, Luna, and Hidalgo

Asking Price: $599K
Reference Number: 21453239

Cash equivalent to purchase price set aside to invest from currently available funds required.

Healthcare specific industry experience required

New Mexico Hospice for Sale


Looks like you are looking for a Hospice in a State we don’t yet represent!

We are always accepting new selling clients, and are adding more buyers every day but we do not have a seller in New Mexico yet!


If you or someone you know is thinking of selling their Hospice in New Mexico or any State contact us TODAY!!

Director: Jason Atty
Tel: 586-623-5616
Fax: 855-329-3295